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Certified Quality Engineer (CQE)


This course prepares you for taking the Certified Quality Engineer exam. It focuses on the most difficult topics. This is not an introductory course, it is a higher level course and is intended for those planning to sit for the Certified Quality Engineer exam. The course provides a very thorough overview of the reliability, acceptance sampling, and quantitative methods topics covered in the Body Of Knowledge (BOK) for the ASQ Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) exam. It trains you on the practical application of the quantitative tools used by Quality Engineers. .Registering and completing this course does not guarantee or imply the successful passing of the ASQ Certified Quality Engineer exam. That is an exam that you have to appear for separately and pass to attain the CQE certification.

Participants will need to study other CQE BOK topics and practice course concepts outside of class to adequately prepare for the exam. Though no prior knowledge of statistics is necessary, a good understanding of basic algebra and the ability to work with algebraic formulae is required. Experience as a quality engineer is a prerequisite for the ASQ exam.

Request Information! ASQ – Quality

Request Information! ASQ - Quality

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