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Our students are well regarded in the industry. They are so well prepared that the daycare centers where they are doing their practicum (which is a compulsory part of their Early Childcare Assistant Diploma) are happy to recruit them after their Diploma. Most of our students either have a firm offer on hand or are very confident about being employed as soon as they graduate. We have partnered with several daycare centers for our practicum. Here is what one of our esteemed partners has to say about the students from Peel College of Professional Studies. It gives us immense satisfaction when our students are gainfully employed. 

We conduct a variety of Diploma and Certificate Programs which help improve proficiency in a career field. Our Diplomas have a Practicum component as a part of the curriculum which is unique. 

Peel College of Professional Studies is the best college for studying. As I did ECA from this college. I got great knowledge and information about childcare program. From the knowledge of ECA, I got a job in YMCA as a supply teacher. Staff and teachers are very educated, especially Mrs. Chitralekha ji without whose guidance I would not have been able to be successful.

Syeda Shan Zhara

I enjoyed my every moment in this college because my teachers were so friendly and they taught us in a very good way. They helped us a lot in every problem regarding studies or anything. I have learned so many things from my teachers and I have used it in both of my Practicums. In fact, I have got supply teacher job in my school & I am so glad about that. Thank you so much everyone for your affection and co-operation. 

Sandeep Kaur Khurl

My name is Mobashira Khan. I was looking forward to pursue my career in childcare, I joined Peel College of Professional Studies for the ECA program. Within four months of my studies I got a job in  Educare Childcare & Kindergarten where I had tried for a job several times before starting my studies. It is all because of having taken admission into this Teacher Assistant Program (ECA). I am so thankful to the Peel College staff and excellent teachers who helped & supported me through my studies, and prepared me for getting this job.


Mobashira Khan

My experience at Peel College of Professional Studies was very good. Not only is the campus very professional, but the staff & faculty members are very helpful in providing the best of knowledge and their experience.

Mrs. Chitralekha, President and Mrs. Anuradha, Director (Academics) not only helped me gain knowledge but also very good hands-on experience in the field. They have been a real motivation to overcome all the hurdles and start an new venture.

Neeti Thakkar

I got wonderful experience at this college. Throughout the course, the college staff helped us in our studies. Instructors are very knowledgeable and professional. Timing of the college is very flexible, where you can accommodate your studies very easily. Fee structure is also flexible because of that it was easy for me to afford financially. All staff is very co-operative and helpful. Thank you everyone for giving us support. One more thing I specially want to tell that while doing Practicum, I got job offers in daycares.

Pushpalata Sawant

I am very thankful to my teachers Mrs. Anuradha, Mrs. Chitralekha and Mrs. Manisha for their emotional, financial and educational support. They treated me like a friend and as a family member. Getting their support, I did not feel alone here in Canada far from my home country. They gave emotional support to my daughter too. I felt secured and safe with them. I am very very thankful to them. I completed my Diploma in ECA from Peel College of Professional Studies. 

Monika Nandal

An awesome experience. Very well organized. I got my certificate in QuickBooks from Peel College of Professional Studies.

Jaspal Singh

It was a very pleasant and meaningful experience at Peel College of Professional Studies. The teacher was also very knowledgeable and helpful. It was very convenient for me due to flexible schedule they allowed me to have at the college. I got a certificate in Microsoft Excel and was able to do it with my regular full time job.

Tanya S Nimbkar

I am a past student of Peel College of Professional Studies. It's amazing experience in this college. Very friendly and enthusiastic staff. It's like our family. We got personal guidance from our teacher. We got professional guidance from our teacher. We got professional knowledge through this ECA course. Staff helps us any time when we need.

Swati Bedegkar

A surreal experience indeed! I am so grateful to Ms. Chitra and Ms. Anu for not only enabling me in my studies but also refusing to give up on me when I felt I would not juggle family life and studies. The “family like" atmosphere where we empower each other is incomparable to any other institute I have attended in the past. I highly recommend Peel College of Professional Studies to anyone who wants that “something more" in a College. 

Sharon Rego 

I really enjoyed the course. The staff and all my instructors were very helpful and knowledgeable. They were very cooperative and understanding. I gained a lot of experience and knowledge from the course. After completion of the course, I was offered a full-time position at a day-care.

Raj Kumari Sharma 

Please listen to what one of our partners has to say about our students.

My experience of studying in Peel College of Professional Studies was very good. The college staff was very professional and well educated. My co-students who studied with me were very friendly. I will miss everybody and remember them forever in my life. After I did my first placement I got a job in the same school where I did my placement. The name of the school Creative Children's Montessori School in Bolton.

Kamalpreet Banwait

Studying at Peel College of Professional Studies was a wonderful experience. Under the expert guidance of all the faculties, I completed the Diploma in ECA successfully. Peel College offers a professional atmosphere, flexible timings, easy payment plans  with qualified instructors. I got a job offer while I was still doing my ECA Diploma and have been employed. I thank all the faculties and the management of Peel College of Professional Studies. I will definitely recommend Peel College of Professional Studies to anyone interested in the field of Early Childcare Education.

 Ameya Berde

Today I am sharing some of my experiences with studying at this college. I was searching for some college for my course, and once decided to go for babysitter course before I found this college.

But all of a sudden one of my husband's friend recommended me this college. After meeting Mrs. Chitralekha and other teachers and also getting more information about the ECA course and its benefits, I decided to take this course without a ny hesitation. And today, I find myself very lucky to have made a good decision in taking this course.

I soon plan to start my career in this field, and would also like to recommend my colleagues to join Peel College of Professional Studies.

Maha Rana Bhat

It was great studying at Peel College of Professional Studies, the best part was one-on-one sessions where I got to learn QuickBooks in details. I now feel very confident.

Harmanpreet Bedang

It was a  great learning experience doing my Diploma in Early Childcare Assistant at Peel College of Professional Studies.  The staff here is very co-operative and helpful. All the members of Peel College are highly knowledgeable and practical. They helped me build my personality as a good professional, which will be very helpful to me in my professional career.

Mital Baxi

My college experiences have been amazing. I learned and experienced so many things. I am still looking for more opportunities that Peel College of Professional Studies offers me related to the study I did. The college teachers are all very professional. My co-students were also very helpful. We enjoyed a lot. I will miss everybody and remember them forever. During my placement in childcare, they offered me a job as a supply teacher.

Rajbir Saini

D K International / Spier & Mackay would like to thank Peel College of Professional Studies for providing such a great training to our employees, we really appreciate the time and effort the organization has taken in managing with our ongoing office hours without disturbing our routine work.

We would like to wish the college a lot of success.

Company will definitely be working with Peel College in the future for more corporate training for our employees.

Studying at Peel College of Professional Studies was a pleasant experience. The staff and instructors were always very co-operative. I wish all the best to Mrs. Chitra Potnis for the future and great success to this institute.

Thank you,

Nikita Mohile 

Peel College of Professional Studies is a very nice place to study, understand the Canadian work culture and gain knowledge about the course. I learnt many things related to positive thinking, keeping hope and faith, helping others and being empathetic. Teachers are very very knowledgeable and helping. They provide best counselling and guidance. It was a very valuable experience.

Sanyogita S Bagal 

I am a past student of Peel College of Professional Studies. I would recommend this college to study professional studies further. All the teachers and other staff is very friendly and they guide us as per standard and rules of education. I am very happy that I got this knowledge and certification from a mest college. Thanks.

Prajakta Wankhede 

Studying at Peel College of Professional Studies was a satisfying experience at every level. “Professionally and personally" both to be precise. The President, Chitra mam was more than a mentor who extended emotional support and understanding of a difficult situation in my life and served as a pillar, rock strong to help me complete my course successfully and make me the independent person I am today. She was always there, at any hour of the day for any query or issue we wished to discuss as students, keeping aside her busy routine and always finding time to ensure each of her students is doing great. Other than being a marvelous person, she possesses the competence and diligence of a successful entrepreneur, making her an extremely inspirational figure in my life today. 

'Anu mam' and 'Manisha mam' are the best teachers one could ever find on this planet, who is a complete package of fun, compassion, and making learning easy, catering to each students' ability to comprehend the course. They are so 'approachable', and at any stage of learning, making the student feel comfortable and “at home" despite being in an educational set-up. Both Anu mam and Manisha mam are highly influential in their own unique way and the biggest asset of the college.

I would strongly recommend this college to each aspiring ECA professional, who wishes to acquire a “holistic" experience of sorts in an educational setup which I call, “home away from home".

Prachi Shirolkar 

Your future is waiting at Peel College. Come, visit us and take charge of your career!


1450 Meyerside Drive, Unit # 101
Mississauga, ON L5T 2N5

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