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Immigration Seminar 22 APRIL 2018

If you have questions regarding higher education, current fields in demand, which fields of study will help you immigrate, join top experts to get the latest information on these subjects. This will be of interest to individuals and families who are interested in higher education, and immigration. Join us at our campus in Mississauga on Sunday, 22 April 2018. This is a free seminar with a presentation followed by a question and answer session. 

Canada is an immigrant country. Immigrants have contributed to building this country over the last several centuries. Canada has immigration policies which sets qualification criteria for prospective immigrants. These criteria keep being updated based upon the lack of certain skills in the employment sector. There are certain educational sectors, where you can get a work permit after you graduate, leading to immigration. Also, requirements for immigration may not remain the same from the time you start an educational course till the time you graduate. Peel College of Professional Studies, conducted an informative seminar about education and immigration. Dr. J.P. Yadav and Mr. Verma conducted the workshop. Both presenters have vast experience in the education and immigration sectors. Participants were given statistical information about the co relationship between area of studies and getting the work permits and later on getting citizenship of Canada.  Dr. J.P. Yadav and Mr. Verma also highlighted the issues of malpractice and misguidance by educational and immigration consultants, which negatively affects the students and their future success of achieving their Canadian dreams by studying, getting work permits and later on getting citizenship of Canada.