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Peel College’s objective is to improve your skills so that you can improve your work performance and provide yourself with the opportunity to advance in your current position. We are committed to provide you with an excellent and quality education, which will enable you to stand out amongst your peers.

We encourage you to come and discuss how we can help boost your skills. Our education counselors will guide you in your quest to hone your skills.

In certain cases, we can develop a tailor-made course for you. We have the resources to impart the knowledge you seek. Many of our courses can be done part time

Our certificates will enable you to face interviews with the confidence that comes from going through an intensive curriculum, which is well rounded. Your term at Peel College of Professional Studies will empower you to face your future with the certainty that you will be successful.

Your future is waiting at Peel College. Come, visit us and take charge of your career!

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1450 Meyerside Drive, Unit # 101
Mississauga, ON L5T 2N5

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