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The Technology Experiential Learning Program (TELP) is a comprehensive program designed for students, recent graduates, and early and mid-career professionals interested in pursuing a career in the technology industry. The program provides practical, hands-on learning experiences, mentorship and career coaching, and the opportunity to develop in-demand skills that employers worldwide value. Depending on the applicant’s chosen field, we will match them with leading innovation hubs across Canada.


The program is divided into three levels. Upon completing all three levels, participants will receive a TELP certificate of completion, real-world work experience in their chosen field, and the potential for long-term employment with their matched innovation hub.


Level 1: Introduction to Technology Industry, Innovation Hub Orientation


·       Duration: 4 weeks (approximately 10 hours per week)

·       Fee: $1,999

·       Requirements: Bachelor’s degree or higher in a STEM-related field


This online introductory course will familiarize participants with key industry trends, technologies, and concepts in the field they’ve matched with. Participants will also be introduced to the operations of the innovation hub they’ve matched with. By the end of this level, participants should have a solid grasp of the field’s basics.

Level 2: Certificate I – Employer-Directed Learning


·   Duration: 4 weeks (approximately 10 hours per week)

·       Fee: $1,999

·    Requirements: Successful completion of Level 1



During this level, learners will get a certificate from the innovation hub they’ve matched with. This phase is primarily employer-directed learning on the job, where students work on client projects and support the overall operations of the innovation hub. By the end of this level, participants should have real-world experience working in a field related to their degree and a better understanding of the innovation hub’s day-to-day operations.


Request Information! TELP

Request Information! TELP

Level 3: Certificate II – Autonomous Learning & Report


·       Duration: 4 weeks (approximately 10 hours per week)

·       Fee: $1,999

·       Requirements: Successful completion of Level 2



In Level 3, students will get a certificate of the innovation hub but will be given greater autonomy over the projects and processes they contribute to. This level concludes a brief summary report where students capture their key learnings from the experience and suggest how they could contribute to the innovation hub long-term. The goal of this level is to prepare students for potential full-time employment with the innovation hub they’ve been matched with.

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