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Corporate training

Peel College of Professional Studies imparts Corporate Training in a variety of fields. Corporate training is a targeted training delivered to your employees in a particular skill set that you would like to develop. Training could be conducted one-to-one or can be imparted to a group of employees. Peel College has a very modern set up where we can deliver training courses to large groups. Alternately, Peel College could impart the training at your office or workplace. Subjects that Peel College can impart training in include areas in accounting, logistics, software, management, IT and health amongst others. Peel College has a team of experts in all these areas who have not just the relevant academic qualifications, but also years of hands-on experience in their fields.

Peel College has a lot of very satisfied customers who are very pleased with the quality of our training as they have seen immediate payback in the enhanced quality and spectrum of work that their employees have been delivering after the training programs. Corporate training has the great advantage in being able to improve employee skills in a very specific and targeted area and the scope can be decided before the program. This gives the employers the best returns on their investment. The Canada-Ontario Job Grant enables employers to spend up to $10,000 per employee on training them, and employers may have to bear as little as 1/6th of this cost. The rest is funded through the Government grant. Please talk to us to find out more details. The link below takes you to the relevant government website.

Custom training programs have a flexible schedule which can be adjusted to your convenience. If you have a training need, please give us a call and Peel College will be happy to put together a training package for your employees.

We have successfully trained  employees of various corporations in a variety of areas including IT, Accounting, Taxation and Management.

Request information! Corporate Training

Request Information! Corporate Training

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