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Employer’s expectations from ECA interns – 24 July 2018

Peel College of Professional Studies aims to impart a well rounded education which includes giving an insight into the students’ future after graduation. This is why Peel College arranges lectures of prominent personalities who are leaders in their fields to come and talk to our student who would be entering the same field after graduation. Ms. Candice McEachnie came over and interacted with our students. Ms. Candice is the Owner / Director of Active Kids Daycare. Ms. Candice is not only a very successful entrepreneur, but is also regarded very highly in the daycare sector as a provider of excellent daycare for kids of all ages. Ms. Candice is also a member of our Advisory Board. She spoke about the decorum, behaviour and skills expected from interns. Internship is also a period where there is a prospective job opportunity, and interns should make the best use of this time to not only gain valuable hands-on experience, but also to establish contacts with other professionals which would stand them in good stead after they graduate. This is the way that Peel College maintains continuous Industry Institute interaction which is a synergistic relationship. Active Kids Daycare has been very kind in providing internship opportunities to the student of  the ECA Diploma run by Peel College of Professional Studies. The students gained a lot of valuable information from Ms. Candice not only about the childcare sector, but also about running their own business. It was an interactive session, and the students were thrilled to get so much of authentic information from someone who has first hand experience of running a successful daycare for many years. Ms. Anu Yadav, Director – Academics and Ms. Manisha Yadav, Senior Instructor – ECA also participated in the discussions and gave inputs to the students.

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