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Montessori Assistant Certificate

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Montessori – Part 1

Course Outline

The participants will learn about theories of child development, special emphasis will be given on Dr. Montessori’s vision of education which prepares the child for life. The participants will also learn the basics of effective communication.


Course Content

Child Development                                                                             10 hrs

Montessori Philosophy                                                                      10 hrs

Key Concepts of Montessori Education                                      10 hrs

Communication                                                                                     9 hrs

Total =                                                                                                      39 hrs



 Montessori – Part 2

 Course Outline

The participants will learn the meaning of prepared environment that fosters children to become lifelong learners, productive workers, and global citizens of the world. The certificate will also provide opportunities to experience and handle a selection of Montessori materials.


Course Content

Roles (Child, Directress and Assistant)                                          10 hrs

Prepared Environment                                                                         10 hrs

Toys                                                                                                               10 hrs

Observation                                                                                                9 hrs

Total =                                                                                                         39 hrs

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